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Custom Signs - Campaign Signs

Custom signs are on nearly every street corner right now, and most of us think of the signs as a form of cheap advertising, trying to sell a particular candidate to those voters who are undecided. But is that the real purpose of custom signs? What do custom yard signs really tell us? There's no question that custom yard signs are popular to campaign supporters. During campaign season, local sign shops have a difficult time keeping signs in stock. And they sell the signs for several dollars each plus $1 for the metal stand.

However, some campaign professionals question the value of signs. "We like to say signs don't vote", say people who sell TV advertising. If they're trying to convert other people how effective is it?

Custom yard signs end up in the yards of people who are already committed to vote for a particular candidate. They stand as a testimony to the
rest of the community of their personal endorsement. A few signs in a neighborhood can be encouraging the the candidate and devastating to the opposition. The battle of the custom signs persist. "The candidate loves the sign because it's reassuring for them to see their support out in the community. The voter, the supporters love the signs cause they like to show their pride.", She said, "In many cases the posting of the custom sign is more of a statement by the person posting it, than it is an effort to win over new votes. It's the same as where people wear a button of a candidate on their lapel, like to get a T-shirt; it's a personal expression of support for a candidate. Lawn signs are supposed to make voters feel they're 'not alone', and it's okay to vote for X because everyone else is."

Custom campaign signs can have major value in cases where name recognition is a problem, especially in small races where voters may not be paying attention. From running for a low level office, you need enough lawn signs to show you're a serious candidate. But in general, the motivation is more about making a statement, a public declaration of their support. It may be a way of emotionally bonding with other supporters or neighbors. Many people don't have much daily interaction with a candidate or with the campaign, so a campaign sign is a way for supporters to feel connected to the campaign




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